Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review: A sincere attempt at a light-hearted film

Varudu Kaavalenu is an Indian Telugu rom-com movie produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and directed by debutant Lakshmi Sowjanya through Sithara Entertainments released in 2021. The movie features Ritu Varma Naga Shaurya in lead roles. 

The Ritu Varma and Naga Shaurya starrer is a mature urban rom-com movie but not compelling enough. 

In the second half of the movie, director Lakshmi Sowjanya, new characters are introduced when the scene shifts for a wedding from Hyderabad to Araku Valley. One character wants everything to be lightning-quick, and another character does everything at a humanly impossible in a slow pace. 

The struggle between them elicits laughs, and we hear all the dialogues about ‘lag’ (a commonly used word for describing sluggish pace in Telugu movie terminology). Varudu Kaavalenu Telugu Movie Review | 123telugu.com

Perhaps it is the creators’ way of commenting on the audience’s tendency to criticize slowing down and saying that you need to watch the movie patiently, which gives the actors time to explore and resolve conflicts. 

The point is noted. Varudu Kaavalenu surrounds the stubborn Boom (Ritu Varma), who leads the environment. The home conversation is always focused on her marriage. She does not like the idea of ​​’pelli choopulu,’ and her mother, Prabhavathi (Nadiya), is the one who makes rounds of the coffee shop to meet the groom. At work, his stubborn and irrational manner earned him the nickname ‘rakshasi.’ But the problem with Varudu Kaavalenu, in addition to its speed, is that it goes away after establishing a promising foundation.

It’s a story to be told – of a woman who is constantly under pressure to get married at a considered appropriate time. The father of doting, played by Murali Sharma, understands that marriage is a long-term bond that a girl should be interested in and not forced into. 

At the same time, we introduce the builder Akash (Naga Shaurya), who is coming to India from Paris for the project and meets Bhoomi. It turned out that Boomi and Akash were friends in college. She is kind, loves Boomi, and takes her strong comments in her quest. Ganesh Ravuri’s interviews are well-suited to expressing the characters’ thoughts and mixing enough intelligence with supporting actors – oh, there’s a wide range. Vennela Kishore, Himaja, Satya, Praveen, Sapthagiri. Each evokes a few laughs but do not have enough space to make a strong impression. 

A few scenes are highlighted, as Murali Sharma explains why parental concern should not lead to a girl getting married too soon. Nadiya crosses the road with Shaurya, and they both cry about the stubborn woman.Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review: Old Story With New Faces

The stage is set for romance between two independent and mature leaders. In real-life situations, one can expect conflicts from different perspectives on life, work, family, and even personality traits. In this case, Boomi has a problem with expressing his feelings and even more so with listening to someone else’s point of view. The high-profile Akash is missing. The conflict stems from the story of undeniable love, which is told in the past tense. 

Before the two get to the same place, the story is highlighted by one song and comedy episodes at the wedding. Production design and cinematography are beautiful, but the movie is dull and never recovers. 

Ritu Varma and Naga Shaurya tried to capture the movie with applause and sincerity. It’s one of the best roles Ritu has been given in recent times, and he does it well. Shaurya seems relaxed, describing the character of a respectable young man who yearns for love and is willing to wait for the tide turns. Varudu Kaavalenu works in parts. If it had been firmly established, it would have been forced.

An interesting conversation occurred between Boomi’s parents when the father fully supported his daughter’s decisions and tried to justify why they should leave Boomi’s decision rather than pressuring her with marriage proposals. Boomi’s mother, who knew that Boomi loved someone but was not successful, suggests that she could be a better groom if she wanted to. Boho listens to the conversation and decides not to pass it on and continue. She closes it and throws it in the basement and agrees with her mother’s idea. Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review and Rating

Boom and Aakash went to Araku to care for the wedding arrangements of the working-class couples. Boomi does not give Aakash a chance to put his side. He memorizes the marriage proposal sent to his mother. Before leaving Araku, Aakash confronts Boaz for his actions and expresses his side of the story. He discovered Boomi’s love for her from a college roommate she met by mistake in the US. He came to India to see her and fell in love with her on a trip. Despite her proposal, Boomi travels to Hyderabad, where she will be engaged.

On the day of the marriage, she was shocked to see Aakash. That’s because Boomi’s mother received a letter last night with a picture of Aakash and called her and confirmed the story. Eventually, they meet. 

The shooting began in November 2020 and was shot in Hyderabad. Naga Chaitanya was casting for the leading role, which Naga Shaurya later replaced. Production of the movie was completed in August 2021. 

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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