‘My Name’ Review: A Pacy and Predictable Revenge Saga Led By An Outstanding Han So-Hee


My Name series is a South Korean streaming television series which is directed by Kim Jin-min and starring Ahn Bo-Hyun, Park Hee-soon, and Han So-hee. The series “My Name” revolves around a woman who joins a group for taking avenge the death of her father then goes undercover as a cop.

3 episodes out of 8 were screened in the newly created ‘On Screen’ section at the 26th Busan International Film Festival on the 7th of October, 2021, released on Netflix in 2021 on the 15th of October.


On the surface, the K-drama released on Netflix, straightforward revenge saga, might be simple, but it helps from the lead star and some excellent action sequences.


Earlier this year, Han So-Hee starred in the K-drama named Nevertheless, where she worked as a college-goer performed in a turbulent relationship, worried about love and life. However, the current Netflix released series named “My Name,” So-Hee assigns you to forget she ever was the delicate and young student from the previous Televison show.

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The 8th episode is packed with action crime noir drama is unsurprisingly brutal and often predictable. The thought, writing, remains consistently pacy that perfectly matches the needs of the genre (including Action, Crime, Noir, and Thriller) and packs in quite a punch.


For taking avenge her death of father, So-Hee (Yoon Ji-Woo) who joins the Dongcheon crime syndicate headed by Park Hee-Soon (Choi Mu-Jin) and later on, changes her entire identity and then enrolls herself in the police force, which is a simple enough story that focuses on remains trained on Ji-Woo’s obsession of taking revenge who killed her father, so much so that we are hardly allowed to dwell on anything else. “My Name” show moves quickly between deaths, drugs, fights, and big reveals.


It works, and sometimes is My Name’s undoing, it appears in the show remaining one-note throughout. The little ray of sunlight that the darkly-lit crime drama has, is through Ahn Bo-Hyun (Jeon Pil-Do) a narcotics detective who becomes the partner of So-Hee. There is telling scene where he earnestly tells Ji-Woo plays important roles for people in their line of work to have hobbies. Nothing could have summed up vengeance-driven better in the life of Ji-Woo.

Netflix series 'My Name' ranks fourth on global streaming chart

Meanwhile, Hee-so is seen as the grim, who approaching Dongcheon boss as an imposing and majestic presence, it is Chang Ru-Yul as rival drug syndicate head Do Gang-Jae who is genuinely terrifying.

The show attempts to ask questions about whether the bloody path to revenge is worth it all, but it comes relatively late in the narrative. We are left with only questions about this when everything winds down, as the belated discussion on morals the television show attempts to delve into just isn’t enough for making an impact.


In an earlier interview, the director of Kim Jin-Min My Name said that while vengeance is a theme that men dominate, he thought watching a female character on her heartbroken journey for taking avenge her death of the father would be thrilling.


He is on the mark there; So-Hee is the celebrity of this revenge drama, and you are sure to feel the urge to sign up for martial arts or self-defense class when you notice her go about deftly taking down burly henchmen twice her size. o-Hee is also consciously going beyond simply being a formidable presence in some superbly-choreographed action sequences and remains convincingly dispassionate and surly throughout.

The release of My Name comes close on the heels of Netflix’s recent smash-hit Squid Game, and both K-dramas have now been successes globally. The television show, on the outside, a straightforward revenge saga, might be simple, but it benefits from its lead star and some excellent action sequences. Sometimes, just visiting loyal to the genre works well when done the right way.



Meet the cast of Netflix's new action series 'My Name'

  • Oh Hye-jin/Yoon Ji-woo played by Han So-hee 


A Dongcheon’s member who infiltrates the police force as Oh Hye-jin, where she seeks for revenge for the murder of her father.

  • Choi Mu-jin played by Park Hee-soon 


The Dongcheon of boss, which is biggest drug ring of Korea. He trusts Ji-woo simply because desperation power. He was best friends with Ji-woo’s father.

  • Jeon Pil-do played by Ahn Bo-hyun


A detective of Inchang Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics unit who becomes Hye-jin’s partner after she joins the unit. He initially disliked Jiwoo because she ruined a sting operation he had been planning for 6 months.

  • Cha Gi-ho played by Kim Sang-ho


The leader of Inchang Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics unit who swore to take down Dongcheon before he retires.

  • Jung Tae-ju played by Lee Hak-joo


A Dongcheon’s member, he is Mu-jin’s most trusted henchman.

  • Do Gang-jae played by Chang Ryul [ko]


A Dongcheon’s former member, he swears revenge against the corporation after getting expelled for trying to rape Yoon Ji-woo when he lost to her in a match.

  • Yoon Dong-hoon played by Yoon Kyung-ho [ko]


The father of Ji-woo and close friend of Mu-jin whose murder sets off revenge journey of Ji-woo.

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