Top 10 Restaurants In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, founded by Ahmed Shah in 1411 AD, is a fortified city on the shores of the Sabarmati River. Ahmedabad is the Gujarat equivalent of Mumbai. Ahmedabad, a burgeoning metropolitan in Gujarat, has a glorious history. This was the first city in India to be designated as a World Heritage Site By UNESCO, and it is an excellent example of how a city can preserve all of its old-world beauty while still growing with the times.

This city is well-known for its ideal blend of spirituality and modernism. On the one hand, it is a center of learning, and on the other, it is a place of worship. It is well-known not only because of its rich cultural history, textiles, and tie-dye bandhani handloom method, but also for its architecture, and obviously, Gujarati thalis.


Ahmedabad is also a foodie’s paradise. The traditional Gujarati thali combines all of Gujarat’s spices into a single dish. Though primarily vegetarians, individuals who live in Gujarat or visit Ahmedabad like trying non-vegetarian food in restaurants that provide it. Roti, Kadhi, Dal, Rice, Dhoklas, Theplas, and Kadhi Drihand are the most frequent food items available. Ahmedabad’s cuisine scene is always changing and, to be honest, a little unexpected. Restaurants in the city include everything from genuine thali dishes to North-Eastern delicacies.

We’ve compiled a list of the ones you must see on your next trip to Ahmedabad.


When you go inside Rajwadu, you will discover that it is much more than a restaurant; it is an artwork with a plethora of water bodies, lovely landscapes, and inventive use of rocks and stones in the building. It has been designed and planned to seem like one of the numerous fortified villages that flourish in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and the meticulous efforts have given fruit. It has a calm feel because of the lush and abundant plants, trees, and well-kept landscaping. Add to these meandering walkways open courtyards (charpoys, folk singers, and performers), temples, pavilions, and stone walls, all of which melt into one another softly.

If you prefer keeping things light, the in-house café, Madhurya, serves snacks and mini-meals. The allure, though, is in the genuine Gujarati cuisine, which is served on leaves or in clay containers. Return to the basics of simple dining by sitting cross-legged and savoring your food. You may also choose Baradaris, which has a lower sitting arrangement and serves meals in bronze thalis.

Cost for two: 1500/- INR

Address: Nr. Jivraj Tolnaka, Behind Ambaji Temple, Malav Talav, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Agashiye, nestled on the terrace of the House of MG, a magnificent Indo-Baroque historic home from the 1920s, provides the very finest of gourmet cuisine in the heart of the old town. There is no menu in the usual sense. Instead, attentive servers bring a series of excellent vegetarian Gujarati meals to the table during the dinner, which together comprises the Thali. Guests are allowed to eat as much as they like from their favorite meals and drink non-alcoholic drinks that are included in the cost. Agashiye is the place to go for a modern Gujarati experience at its finest, set in an amazing décor.

This stunning work of art depicting a restaurant is ideal for a great food experience with family or colleagues. At Agashiye, must-order items include the Deluxe Veg Thali, Guava Ice Cream, Authentic Gujarati Food, Gujarati Thali, Dhokla, and Chaas. Visit this hidden gem the next time you’re searching for an Instagram-worthy brunch spot.

Cost for two: 2200/- INR

Address: Bhadra Rd, Opp. Sidi, Old City, Saiyad Jali, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001


The Eatery is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the luxurious Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. With a strong cuisine that combines all wonderful things North Indian, Asian, Continental, and Chinese, this lovely restaurant is a welcome respite from your all-Gujarati existence if you’re staying in Ahmedabad. This establishment is ideal if you want to indulge in a fine-dining or buffet experience because of its sensitive ambiance and highly exquisite tasting cuisine. It serves a range of excellent meals, fast snacks, and good coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

However, it is most known for its breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet is vast, featuring many excellent Continental delicacies as well as every Gujarati specialty you could want. Non-vegetarians are also catered for, and there is an à la carte menu for those who want to order specific items. This restaurant’s must-order items include a variety of soups, a stunning array of appetizers, Cucumber Lemonade, Honey Orange Iced Tea, and everything dessert.

Cost for two: 2800/- INR

Address: Four Points by Sheraton (1st Floor), Ellisbridge, opposite Gujarat College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006


Tinello is the place to go if you want to satisfy your Italian cravings. The open kitchen serves genuine food with characteristic dishes from the regions of Liguria and Sicilia. Tinello is a local favorite in the opulent Hyatt Regency. The closest thing to alcoholic beverages at any of the top restaurants in Ahmedabad for dinner dates is mocktails, which are best offered at Tinello. Tinello is one of the most fashionable, sophisticated, and lively restaurants in Ahmedabad, slaying traditional Italian delicacies like Risotto and Tiramisu like a boss. Brunching is one of the finest things to do in Ahmedabad.

Cost for two: 3000/- INR

Address: Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad 17/A, Ashram Road, India Lobby Level, Gujarat 380014


650-The Global Kitchen features a large gate that leads to a wooden walkway that winds through lush greenery before ascending to the restaurant. The view from this restaurant’s wide windows is as excellent as the cuisine. This restaurant serves a variety of dishes ranging from tofu to ultra-thin pizzas. The combination of ornate masonry on the walls and soft lighting creates a sophisticated and calm atmosphere. This is one of the greatest multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurants in town since they offer a lengthy list of Jain-friendly foods that are cooked without the use of onion or garlic.

This is where you should spend a romantic candlelight meal with your partner, closest friend, or family. Furthermore, the personnel here is incredibly friendly to guests and will only help you have a better time here.  You must taste their trademark soup potage, which comes with mixed vegetables. The Panner Parcha and the Pesto Pasta are essential must-orders at this restaurant.

Cost for two: 1800/- INR

Address: Shreekunj Mandapam, Beside Golden Tulip Bungalows & Tulip Citadel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015


Vishala is regarded as a quiet refuge for real basics cooked in healthful methods that follow the age-old Ayurvedic understanding of toasting, germinating, pickling, and generally avoiding harming the nutrition of local foods. The area, designed by architect Surendra Pal, is intended to offer a rural getaway from the metropolitan skyline. Mud-flooring, primitive wooden tables that require cross-legged posture, and a Sandhya Aarti just before meals will be part of your visit.

A rich, healthy experience is provided with real Gujarati cuisine and traditional Garba performances. Make space for the chef’s specialty, the kulfi, then take a stroll around the compound to see the two museums.

Cost for two: 1500/- INR

Address: Vasna Rd, Opp. Toll Naka, Rehnuma Society, Sanklit Nagar, Juhapura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380055


If you enjoy classic melodies and Rock ‘n’ Roll, you’ve come to the perfect place. This 1950s American-themed restaurant provides the finest of the era, not just in terms of culinary but also in terms of design. Elvis posters, a bubble gum dispenser, Cadillac license plates, and floor-mounted barstools at the mocktail bar evoke the genuine spirit of the West. This concept is reflected in the menu, which includes items such as lemon pepper chicken breast and crumb-fried chicken.

Tomato’s also is famous for cuisines apart from American, since the menu includes Mediterranean, Chinese, North Indian, and Mexican meals. Yes, that’s a lengthy menu, and each item is delectable. You may choose from a variety of puddings and cakes for dessert. Tomato’s dishes may be shared by 3 to 4 people, perfectly suited for family restaurants in Ahmedabad for supper.

Cost for two: 1500/- INR

Address: Ground Floor, 1 – Dwarkesh Business Hub Visat-Tapovan Rd., Motera, Chandkheda, Gujarat 382424


Gordhan Thal is a lovely establishment that specializes in traditional local food and is an excellent spot to enjoy a genuine Gujarati thali. Lay back while a selection of appetizing meals is served to you. Ensure to go on an empty stomach because these dinners are fairly filling and the cuisine is so delicious that you might most likely want to try a little bit of just about everything.  Salads, papads, three varieties of appetizers, four veggie dishes, Rajasthani or Gujarati daal and kadhi, rice, roti, baati, two types of Indian sweets, buttermilk, garlic chutney, and pickles are seasonal specialties in their thali. Sweet foods are also one of their specialties.

Khichdi and bhakri can be put to the thali as well. This complete meal comes at a price, which may entice you to purchase another even if you are full. Meal kits are also available for groups. To enjoy this culinary feast, arrive with an empty stomach. This is without a question one of Ahmedabad’s most unusual eateries.

Cost for two: 800/- INR

Address: Ground Floor, Sapath Complex, Opp. Rajpath Club, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Hwy, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052


Swati’s creative cuisine incorporates traditional dishes that visitors recall eating at home, as well as street delicacies from carefree days. These memories are resurrected in a new environment, stylishly modern, practical without being fussy, fast, and to the purpose, a location that embraces a diverse spectrum of clients, from its many old-timers to first-time tourists eager to see India.

They are concerned with the nutritional aspects of our food, ensuring that it is freshly made and hygienic, healthful and pleasant, and flavorful without being unhealthy. This restaurant is highly famous among both locals and guests who come to enjoy a top-notch Gujarati gastronomic journey. The delicious patra, daal bati, handvo, and dhokla are all must-orders on the menu. Should try the sukhadi sweet and the fresh sugarcane drink, both of which are delectable. Swati Snacks’ food is always delicious.

Cost for two: 500/- INR

Address: One42, Billionaires St, Ashok Vatika, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058


Dakshinayan is the ideal restaurant in Ahmedabad for a true taste of South Indian food. Dakshinayan serves delectable dosas, idlis, Pongal, utapams, sambhars, and Gulab jamuns. In addition, they serve a selection of delicious chutneys to complement the main courses. If you want to taste a variety of cuisines at once, go for combination meals. To even out the meal, there’s real South Indian filter coffee. The service is quick and competent, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The sevai will undoubtedly please you. The cuisine is what distinguishes the restaurant. It is by far the greatest location in town to sample South Indian food.

Cost for two: 700/- INR

Address: 104, ABC – 2, St. Xavier’s College Corner, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

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