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Officially known as the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, it is a city and a union territory of India that includes New Delhi, the country’s capital. Delhi is located on the Yamuna River and is bounded on three sides by the state of Haryana and on the east by the state of Uttar Pradesh. Delhi was and still is known as ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli.’

Delhi’s heritage is not the result of a single king or empire, but centuries of rich blending of people, their ideas, values, customs, and so forth. Numerous conquerors, kings, and even flâneurs have molded the very tapestry of the urban fabric that we witness today. No one, not even the thieves, could deprive the city of its splendor; instead, they added to the city’s history and made everything more unique.


1947, recent migration from other regions of India has made it a melting pot. Delhi, India’s national capital and a centuries-old Mughal city, affected the dietary habits of its population and is the birthplace of Mughlai cuisine. Residents enjoy a range of different cuisines in addition to Indian food. The city’s citizens’ lack of dietary habits resulted in a distinct style of cuisine that became known across the world, including meals such as kebab, biryani, and tandoori.

Foodies, or individuals who dwell over and live for food, are virtually constantly on the lookout for the greatest restaurants and cafes, the newest cuisines to sample, and the trendiest themed locations. Street cuisine is also popular in this fast-paced metropolis, with roadside kiosks located around the city. Popular dishes across the world, such as tandoori chicken, are thought to have originated in Delhi eateries. Going on a culinary trail in the city is nearly a must for every visitor who wants to feel the city’s authentic spirit.

If you haven’t already, we have a tantalizing list of the greatest restaurants in Delhi that you should visit.



Indian Accent has made a name for itself as one of the top family restaurants in Delhi, particularly when it comes to fusion cuisine. This legendary restaurant is virtually always booked, despite its opulent décor, which is designed to heighten a fine-dining experience.

An evening here offers gastronomic delicacies like Meetha Aachar Pork Spare Ribs and Chicken Khurchan Phulka Taco, as well as a sophisticated dining ambiance that will gratify even the most discerning consumer. The chef attempts to integrate fresh organic ingredients and traditional Indian flavors with international ingredients.

Resulting in exceptional dishes like galawat lamb kebab filled with foie gras and offered with strawberry and green chili chutney, soft-shell crab with barbecued coconut and tomato pickle, and even blue cheese naan. For those with a sweet craving, their Raspberry Potato Chips with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a wonderful delicacy that will entice you to return to this indulgence.

Cost for two: 5000 INR

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Rd, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


For good reason, this food hall-style restaurant inside Delhi’s eccentric and characterful Andaz is a local favorite. Not only do they host some of the most comprehensive and delectable Sunday brunches (think doughnut walls, live tandoor counters, and pancake and dosa stations) in its vibrant, stained-glass-filled setting, but their everyday menu also has some wonderful modern Indian fare.

The Amritsari Goat Milk Paneer Tikka, Muscovy Duck Seekh Kebab, Delhi’s Original Butter Chicken, and Linguine with Kerala Prawn Bisque are all delectable. Get them with a house cocktail for the greatest effects, and don’t forget to stop by the ever-changing dessert counter to pick out a delicious pie, carrot cake, or whatever else is new that day.

Cost for two: 3500 INR

Address: Ground Floor, Asset No.1, Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037


Nothing, almost nothing, compares to the allure of a restaurant known for its delectable cocktails, especially in a city that is not known for its cocktail-friendly hangout spots. Another restaurant in Lodhi Colony has reached our list of the top restaurants in Delhi because of its colorful and cozy atmosphere. Walls painted in various colors chosen from the color pallet to graffiti give a touch of grandeur and oddity to this dimly illuminated Japanese eatery.

While the sushi is to die for, especially when paired with unique drinks, the Signature Pork Belly is also a must. The sensitivity and opulence of this difficult-to-master delicacy have been the talk of the town for a time now, and we want you to sample it as soon as possible.

Cost for two: 3000 INR

Address: 28 Lodhi Colony, Main Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


The interiors of Town Hall are imperially organized, with distinct sitting sections among towering ceilings, piled library volumes, and vintage room partitions. Since then, this Khan Market staple has opened its arms to all and all. The fine-dining room is an overkill of sashimi platters, sushi rolls, and traditional yakitori which would have you reaching for their powerful sake shots, with impressively high ceilings and a breezy patio eating space with a wood-fired pizza oven.

Town Hall, one of the city’s favorite sushi spots, has sleek yellow interiors that provide a wonderful background for those all-important Instagram photos. Chef Augusto Cabrera’s menu features some of the greatest Asian cuisine available, with distinctive dishes such as Rainbow, Unagi Sashimi, and Kampachi sushi, as well as pepper-coated Chilean sea bass. If you’re touring Delhi in the wintertime, try to grab some outside seats to take in the scenery.

Cost for two: 2500 INR

Address: 60-61, Middle Lane, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


United Coffee House, now a prominent tourist destination, with a heritage of more than 70 years. The legendary café, founded by Lala Hans Raj in 1942, was previously a food store frequented by individuals anointed to carry the British Raj ahead. It used to be a magnet for common folk and nobles to congregate over coffee, with its magnificently ornamented ceiling adorned with a towering Viennese chandelier, which is now its signature.

Besides the betoken coffee, a must-have on its magnificent fusion cuisine menu, the café has a lot to offer in terms of remembering the country’s great history. Their dishes are delicious, as is their famous lip-smacking caramel cheesecake, which is presented elegantly decorated with pop-corns. Prepare for a fancy antique encounter at this iconic café, and go there as soon as you can. This is one of Delhi’s most famous restaurants, therefore you should go.

Cost for two: 2500 INR

Address: E-15, Rajiv Chowk, Block E, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001


Yum Yum Cha provides a one-of-a-kind Japanese culinary experience. The restaurant, which is decorated in bright colors and Origami-inspired design, is frequently full, so if you have a free weekday and want to dine out, come here. The cuisine is also a visual treat, so snap as many shots as you can.

It is a sanctuary for fans of pan-Asian food, with four locations in Delhi, each with a relaxed, bistro-style environment. The bumpy road and coconut jaggery are our favorites.

We propose the Dynamite and Hanna sushi roll varieties, the Japanese Pizza versions, the Sichuan Fire Pot, and the Sizzling Stone Bowls. For desserts, you should try the Moochie Ice Creams, particularly the pink paan and mango flavors. To summarise, Yum Yum Cha is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind location in town that is well worth visiting!

Cost for two: 2000 INR

Address: First Floor, 69, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


This lively and offbeat pizza parlor delivers delectable freshly baked pizzas every day. Named after the founder’s dog, there are cute images of the late Leo all over the place, as well as loads of sunlight streaming in through wide windows, groovy old-school rock music playing in the background, and a comfortable feeling. Leo’s would be where Delhiites go to satisfy their appetites for real pizza. It is the closest thing to the original flatbreads from Naples, and it is served with affection and a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Leo’s pleasant and easygoing atmosphere makes it the ideal spot to eat an eight-inch Classic Pepperoni or Proscuitto di Parma e Rucola. Their wood-fired pizzas are filled with just the proper amount of cheese, that doesn’t overpower the meat flavor.

Cost for two: 2000 INR

Address: 28, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057


If idlis and dosas have been the only possible answers when you think of South Indian food, or if you have the mistaken belief that South Indian cuisine does not differ across its tremendously diversified territory, you must visit Mahabelly. The restaurant serves some of the greatest Malayali and coastal cuisine in Delhi. As a result, you should sample the Pacha Mango Curry, Pollichathu, Vegetable Kurma, Prawn Curry, presented here. Meat aficionados may spice up your thali by ordering a side dish to go with it.

Meat aficionados may spice up your thali by ordering a side dish to go with it. The Erachi fry is chunky and laced with curry leaves, and it pairs nicely with the paratha, or go for the Meen Moilly for a meaty fish delight that’s mild but extremely decadent, and it may put you to sleep as you mop it up with the appams.

Cost for two: 1500 INR

Address: MA-A05, Ground Floor Restaurant Block, DLF Avenue, Mandir Marg, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017


Karim’s is a must-visit if you want to fully immerse yourself in Delhi’s cuisine culture. This legendary restaurant, which has been open since 1913, delivers what is possibly the greatest Mughlai food in the world. Even the trip through Old Delhi’s tiny lanes to get here is memorable. A short distance from Jama Masjid, the restaurant’s original building has been maintained.

This decades-old establishment in the heart of Old Delhi serves tikkas and kebabs that will melt in your mouth the moment you take a mouthful. Don’t forget to try the famed mutton bara and brain curry. To avoid negotiating the treacherous bylanes, leave your car at home and hire a rickshaw.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Address: 16 Gali Kababian Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, Delhi, 110006


Rajinder Da Dhaba was a modest roadside stand while the Safdarjung Enclave Market was still in its infancy. Over the years, it has expanded to dominate the marketplace, occupying most of the front façade of the primary market with its three distinct eateries. The open curry area and bread department may be found by turning the corner and heading to the big Rajinder Da Dhaba restaurant at the back of the market.

A three-person crew slaps the maida around and pops it into the tandoor, easily pumping out naan. There are huge vats of chicken curry, mutton korma, butter chicken, dal makhani, and Matar paneer in the curry area. We recommend Rajinder’s famed chicken curry (hot, greasy, and thick) and the butter chicken, both of which complement the garlic naan nicely.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Address: AB-14B, Nauroji Nagar Marg, opposite Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029


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