Comparing The Aryan Khan Case With Bharti Singh And Others

The Narcotics Control Bureau or the NCB, of India, seems to be pretty active from last summer, corresponding to the suicide of a celebrity. From that time onwards, the NCB has tried to find out the drug connections in India’s oldest film industry, Bollywood.

The NCB arrested Bollywood’s favorite actor’s son, Aryan khan, during a rave party on a cruise with drugs.

This news has filled my feed with people putting their views forward, about who’s the real hero, like mother like son, and another kind of hatred messages; it was always difficult for minority community actors to make themselves look good with all these media to target them, now there’s one more thing added – drug busts. aryan khan

The film industry and drugs:

Drugs, drugs, and drugs – the news is filled with them; they’re not some kind of evil magical wizardious thing, but they do help people to stop thinking with consciousness. The thing is, people take drugs because it makes them feel better, but as the saying goes, nothing good comes without some bad; people get addicted to it, and if they don’t take them, their life becomes hell.

Drugs were initially developed to treat people suffering from mental problems, but as they became easily available, people started taking them without prescription to solve their daily stress issues on their own. In a nutshell, acting is an art that comes with a lot of stress, so actors sometimes take the help of drugs to escape their daily life issues.

One more thing that plays role in this situation is that taking drugs have now become a part of popular culture; for example, take any of Snoop Doggs’ music videos, most probably there will be drugs included in it. One can say, drugs are officially part of our youth culture too.

Snoop Dogg to join Def Jam label as strategic consultant

There are few things which I believe many people, including me, have learned from 2020; one of them is how unpredictably you can get a never-ending vacation, and the other one was how far the Indian news media can get down, where they start performing a crime against humanity. This later thing happened because a star suddenly committed suicide. 

While NCB was on that case in Mumbai, they thought why act on only one actor’s case; so they started meeting other actors like Deepika Padukone, Rakul Preet, and one of them was a comedian, Bharti Singh. While these investigations were being done, it was found out that from the residence of Bharti Singh and her husband, 86.5 grams of ganja had been found, for which both of them were arrested. These investigations were carried out while the actor’s death case was being solved. This year, NCB came back to Bombay and did that again.

This time it is the son of the king of Bollywood, Sharukh khan’s son Aryan Khan. The story is, he was caught on a cruise ship, while he was there partying, with drugs as per the arrest memo of the NCB. A seizure of 13 grams of cocaine, five grams of MD, 21 grams of charas and 22 pills of ecstasy and Rs 1.33 lakh in cash was made after the raid on the ship. He was not the only one; with him, few other VIP people were also caught during the raid by NCB.

Now the question which comes at hand is why Bollywood is being focused after Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. The difference between this case and the cases like Bharti Singh is that this was a well-planned raid made by NCB; whereas, those cases were based on the investigations made with that single previous case.

From Rhea to Aryan Khan, know Bollywood actors who were under NCB scanner

Well, for now, we’ll give it a rest; just because someone on the news is shouting “India wants to know”, or making news around it, doesn’t mean that it is a big deal because bigger deals like consignments flled with drugs caught at Adani’s port is still not discussed the way they are discussing few grams of drugs being caught from a star’s son.

People filling up feeds and posts with their idleness should ask themselves where their guts were when kilos of drugs was found out at Adani’s port, because going with the flow is an easy task which I guess everyone will do now; going against it when it’s wrong is the thing that we need!

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