Know Your Hidden Leadership Style In Office According To What Kind Of A Person You Are in 2022

Know Your Hidden Leadership Style In Office According To What Kind Of A Person You Are

The definition of a leader is someone who has followers. A manager requires leadership skills to operate effectively at a strategic level. A successful manager will identify personal skills to achieve strategic ambitions and manage personal leadership development to support strategic aspirations.

The success of a business or any organization is determined and depended upon by the leaders it chooses or inherits for all its functioning and decision-making.

Multiple types of leaders exist everywhere across the globe, not just in a particular region, state, country, or continent. To know about these everyday actions and majorly about ‘yourself’ or ‘oneself’, there shall be a basic understanding of what kind of a person you are.

According to the significant characteristics and traits, people can roughly be categorized into 9 types! Hence, to know more about yourself, kindly look into the most type you connect to.

Here are the leadership styles of different types of people working in different organizational setup –

1. The Reformers –

They are realistic and reasonable thinkers who believe in perfection in everything. They like to pick up the task of leadership and are pretty effective at doing their job, leaving no scope for any sort of error by them or by any of their employees, subordinates, or staff.

They trust their abilities, keep faith in their team, and are good leaders. They tend to set high standards for themselves and others around them. They are highly particular about what they expect of others and get angry when they do not receive the return.


2. The Helpers –

These people are the most caring and supportive towards people around them. Their primary speciality is that they know what their subordinates need around them. They are the most generous leaders who cater to others’ needs while taking care of the organization’s requirements.

They prove their leadership styles in front of others by making them show their strength and capabilities and make good managers in cases where the subordinates’ morale is low.

3. The Achievers –

These people crave success and achievements, and they are good at being a leader to the employees and prove to be good managers. Their need and hunger to succeed in life can get in the way of finding efficiency and effectiveness, but with others’ coordination and corporations, they can achieve everything.

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4. The Individualist –

These people can be spotted quite simply in an organization setup. They are highly clear about how they do their things, and that is distinctly and with innovation.

They have a unique characteristic of being a manager. They have a different leadership style, and they show it by showcasing others new ways to carry on tasks that show people their unidentified skills.

5. The Observer –

These are the most practical set of people curious to learn about everything in life. They are excellent managers  and they might appear to be unconscious of others’ feelings as they like to be differentiated in terms of providing others with the tasks to do.

They connect to their subordinates by their expertise and intelligence with due confidence to make them look at things with a broader perspective of things in life and work.

6. The Loyalist –

These are the most secured and consistent people. They understand enough to know the needs of their subordinates to maintain a healthy relationship with them and the work they provide.

They have an alternate plan in case of failures and are good leaders, and are often the reason for their team’s success.

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7. The Enthusiast –

These are the most celebrating and fun-loving people one can ever come across. They like to keep the environment lively. The idea of these people showcasing their leadership style is by boosting the team’s morale and making them face new challenges.

They tend to take over others by taking the lead in the situations of failures and making them understand that failures are never the end of the world.

8. The Challenger –

These people are born leaders and have a distinct leadership style. These competitive leaders can be seen as cold but have huge hearts and support for their teammates and crew.

They might be vengeful in failures but are fearless challengers. They like to lead from the front and make things work most of the time. They aren’t threatened by anyone and are highly powerful.

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9. The Peace Makers –

These people have a simple leadership style, and their main focus is on creating a calm and peaceful working environment.

Their peacefulness makes them connect quickly and gives them time to time reality checks as they are conflict resolvers.

Nature helps in dealing with the reality of what the team is facing. They provide the task to people as per the employee’s needs and not their own, creating harmony at work.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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