Mumbai Cruise Drug Raid: Diverting Attention From More Major Issues?

Two major drug-related incidents have happened over the last few days, which have caught the whole nation’s attention.

One is related to a top business tycoon, and the other is related to Bollywood celebrities. We have seen the different opinions and points of view of people, media, and government officials for both cases. Some political persons and people on social media are raising the question about the biases of the official organization for taking action differently about both of the cases. Last year, when a similar incident happened in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case, his alleged girlfriend Riya Chakraborty was accused and humiliated by media and organizations. 

However, when the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence seized 2,988.21 kg heroin, approximately worth Rs 9,000 crores, at Mundra Airport, Gujarat, the questions raised were aimed at the silence of the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Congress Spokesperson Shama Mohamed had expressed his worry that privatization of ports would lead to such unlawful activities.

ആര്യൻ ഖാൻ: എന്നും തിരശീലയ്ക്കു പിന്നിൽ | Aryan Khan | Drugs | Manorama News

The NCB arrested Aryan Khan (son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan), Munmun Dhamecha, Arbaaz Merchants, and others who had been consuming, selling, and purchasing drugs under NDPS Act 1985 on Sunday after raiding a Goa-bound cruise ship in Mumbai and seizing drugs from them. Aryan Khan was brought to the NCB and will stay in custody until October 7. An official informed that Aryan Khan has been charged only for consumption under Act section 27, which brings maximum punishment of a year and a penalty of Rs 20,000.

The day after the Narcotics Control Bureau executed a raid on a cruise ship and seized drugs, Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed blamed the bureau for arresting a “small fish” while remaining silent about the enormous heroin capture at the property of Adani, which is the Mundra port in Gujarat. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence had seized a consignment containing heroin worth crores. Allegedly, the consignment had arrived from Afghanistan and was exported to Mundra from the Bandar Abbas Port in Iran.

Shama Mohamed further continued questioning the workings of the NCB and implying that they are distracting attention from the real issue, which is the Mundra port drug seize.

For diverting the attention, NCB randomly arrests some famous people so that the media will highlight that case. Further, she raised the question of why the drug seize at Mundra is not being investigated and what is happening there. Why is it being ignored? She alleged that had the drugs not come from port, there would not have been any party happening on the cruise ship. Questioning the Supreme Court-monitored investigation into the drug seizure at Mundra port, the spokesperson of Congress said that through the drugs smuggled from Afghanistan into India, which will fund terrorist organizations, dissident groups and finally create political uncertainty in the country.

People on social media websites kept posting their views on this situation. One of the users said it is a shameful act of the media to divert the attention from a major case to another case just to hide the failure of the officials.

The whole nation is following each update of the Aryan Khan case every minute, while on the other hand, the more major Mundra port case has been sidelined completely.

In this situation, the question arising in people’s minds is – is all of this a trick of media and officials to divert the attention from the main issue?

Ultimately, there should be more strict drug laws to cease consumption, selling, and exportation completely. Government should take strict and unbiased action against anyone who is involved in such unlawful activities.

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