Pursuit Of Happiness

Well, after reading the title, if you think I am talking about the movie “Pursuit of Happyness,” you are partly correct.

But what actually is happiness, has anyone wondered?

Is it getting straight A’s on all the school tests, or is it eating your favourite dish cooked by your mother, or is it landing on your dream job, or is it earning a ton of money?

The truth is that we all have our own definition of happiness. For a beggar, happiness is to earn a little money to feed his family food, and for someone as rich as Richy Rich, it might be owning a private cruise, jet, or island.

Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness can’t be quantified or measured. It is what makes us smile. Well, if you are lucky enough to have food, clothes, shelter and are happy, then that’s great.

We all are moving forward in this technologically driven world to earn money, and for some of us, happiness has been measured by the money we make. But the fact of life is money is necessary, but there are more important things that money can’t buy like your family, friends, love – these are precious in life.

In an urge to pursue happiness, we give up on our close ones because we think that once we earn enough, we will be able to make them happy, and this rat race never ends.

Happiness is actually a state of mind, and this can be achieved every day by anyone. Starting our day with affirmations, reminding ourselves to smile, laughing out loud, and expressing gratitude makes us happy. Each day we must try to make others’ day by smiling at them, giving them hope, and spreading happiness.

Five Levels of Happiness: In Search of the "Real" Thing - Dr. Jim Taylor

We all are together in this boat called life in a journey to pursue happiness. Every time you buy something from a hawker, make sure to thank him with a smile, treat everyone with respect, address them as sir /ma’am, love everyone and live in the moment.

Go for a run, do yoga, keep yourself mentally and physically fit. We all know life is not a piece of cake. Some days are smooth as water flowing in a stream; some are bumpy as the rocks in the river. But we have to learn to get past them to enjoy life.

Troubles like rocks or mountains are necessary for one’s life to know how to get past them and become strong. We might fail many times while crossing them, but determination helps us stand still and cross them.

To achieve happiness, there is no proper road map. In the movie “Pursuit of Happyness,” we saw how many difficulties Mr. Gardner had to face to sustain his family. Still, he didn’t give up; he tried harder and harder and finally got the job of a broker, but in the process of getting that job, he didn’t neglect those few moments of joy with his son.

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At this moment, the present is precious, and nothing can replace it. Once we learn to be present in the moment, we can enjoy it, take life in pauses, and become happy.

In an urge to reach as fast and first at the top, we tend to ignore the journey, but the truth of life is that the journey is more important. The little moments of joy we share and the time we spend with our loved ones is crucial in pursuing happiness.

Happiness is:

Dance in the rain like no one is watching,

Sing in the shower like no one is listening.

Run in the wind like no one is chasing,

 Live a life like no one could ever think of.

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