Shootout At Delhi’s Rohini Court: If We Can’t Feel Safe At Court, Where Else Can We?

A court is a place where people are supposed to feel like it is the safest place, where people are supposed to get justice, but we are experiencing an open shootout in the court in the daylight. If things happen for the first time, it can be considered a mistake, but this is not the first time earlier also the incident of shootout in court took place. Who should be held responsible for that? Why are such incidents taking place at the place that is considered the temple of truth? 

Rohini Court Shootout: Gangster and 4 others dead in shootout at Rohini  court - The Economic Times

Like in movies, a daylight shootout took place just before a gangster was brought for his hearing. Members of another gang entered the court using the fake identity of being a lawyer and shot the gangster. This incident took place in real on September 24 at Rohini Court.

Jitendra Gogi, a gangster, was brought to court for the hearing under the security of the police. While entering the court, two people wearing a lawyer’s dress code shot dead the gangster, and police could not do anything.

Delhi Rohini Court Shootout News Assailants Opened Fire At Gangster  Jitender Mann Gogi Many Attackers Died Says Delhi Police See Photos -  रोहिणी कोर्ट में फायरिंग: जमीन पर बिखरा खून और चीखते-चिल्लाते

Was the gangster Jitendra Gogi shot down because he had become a threat to some of their confidential details? While many questions are arising from this incident, the more important ones are guns in the court and how these people were able to enter with fake identities. This is not the first time this kind of incident took place; why did the police not take proper security measures, or why do criminals or gangsters not fear police and law anymore.

Shootout at Rohini Court in Delhi, 4 Dead Including Gangster Jitender Gogi

This incident cost not only the gangster’s life, but also a female lawyer’s in the court during the crossfire between the police and assailants. There always has been a concern for lawyers; today, if a shootout can take place at the court, in the future, anyone can shoot the lawyers too. But why is the police failing, and these kinds of incidents are happening time and again? Yes, three criminals were killed during the shootout, but the way and the place were not right.

This incident could have taken place even in an open area but look at the audacity of the criminals; they are not afraid to take on the law even in the place of justice. This is due to the security downfall; the police do not even bother to take certain actions even if these types of cases are being experienced continuously. If one can not feel safe in the court, which place should be considered safe? This type of security lapse can lead to a big incident in the future, and again after that incident, they will give the same interview and make the same press release.


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