What Is Road Safety? People Getting Charged For Recording Videos On Social Media

Road traffic safety refers to the methods and precautions taken to prevent road users from accidents that cause deaths, succumbing to injuries, or just critical injuries. Typical road users comprise people such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, vehicle passengers, buses, trams.

The road safety model pertains to purely crash risk, which is a far more complex matter.

Conducive aspects to highway crashes may be related to the driver (such as driver error, fatigue, or even illness) it could be the road itself (lack of sight distance, clear zones, poor roadside) the automobiles (brake, steering, etc). Interventions in the form of imposing fines or challans can prevent such road accidents or can at least reduce the severity of such accidents.

Summoning huge amounts and quantities of resources for road safety also contains and is of high potential despite the lack of a lead agency and dedicated funding arrangements and organizations. Strict, severe, and for the fact rigid enforcement have also significantly and majorly improved road user conformity and transparency. There was a major need of the hour for the appropriate and correct execution and implementation of the important laws in the country to prevent road rage.

Some of these rules and laws are helmet laws, working hours of tourist or maxi cab drivers, and even wine and beer shops along with the highways were to be tightened, the district collectors were even asked to rationalize the speed limits on highways and a control room was activated and set – up to monitor the highway police patrol.

Also, traffic regulations were strictly enforced with e-challans, fines, and penalties which are issued through the smart incorporation and amalgamation with the national vehicle and license databases throughout the country.

Lockdown fight between police and power departments in TS!
A lot of road rage is taking place these days in the country due to the youths and even for a fact altogether the whole public’s craze for fame from and on the social media. These people create videos on the online media platform to generate content and gain views.

A major part of such videos is generated on are generated on the roads of the country. People tend to block the roads and create videos. A lot of people gather around in hope for added fame which results in accidents and often road rage like severe injuries etc. A lot of people even hunt for random and viral content on the roads which makes people get attracted to the audiences.

People have been disrupted the traffic a lot of times due to which they have severely been charged and fined. Youth should understand that copying stunts from the shows and movies is harmful and repeating the same on roads without expert supervision can harm them and cause injuries to them as well as others. Recently a group was fined Rs.28000 in Delhi as they were shooting for Instagram videos which made them suffer consequences of penalty.

road safety

A woman was heavily fined for dancing at a cross-section on the busy roads of the city Indore. The woman in Madhya Pradesh was busy dancing on the road and was recording the video through her mobile phone which disrupted the traffic and the road was packed with traffic jams since the people could not cross the road and were left frustrated and disturbed throughout the time she was recording the video.

Dressed in black, the woman`s video instantly went viral on the popular social networking application, Instagram, and trended in the reels section of the app for almost four days. The video was not appreciated by the audiences since it gave the traffic on halt and disrupted the peace of the roads in the cleanest city of the country.

The fine was implicated under the Motor Vehicles Act and was strongly condemned by the Home Minister of the State Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Narottam Mishra.

Policeman on Coronavirus lockdown duty attacked with stones in Indore; 5  arrested - The Statesman

Mumbai Police also held two bike riders who were performing dangerous stunts in the middle of the road for social media after getting influenced by an online web series and television stunt show. Along with disrupting the traffic, the bikers were also charged for not wearing helmets which further deteriorated the protection of the bike riders. Mumbai Police took a toll on both the bike riders through their official Twitter account as well.

Mumbai Police suspended the license of both the riders and booked both the offenders under dangerous and rash driving along with not wearing the helmets. This act of the Mumbai Police received a wide range of appreciation from various Twitter users.

We would recommend and urge to generate content which helps the society and not those which make people to get tempted and perform harmful stunts which can cause trouble to them as well as others traveling and finding their ways on the road.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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