Android 12L: A Good Capable OS For Foldables And Tablets

Android 12 has just started to roll out for the pixel devices after the launch of Pixel 6 and 6 pros, and a new OS Android 12L is also in progress. 

Android 12 is the next generation leap towards the android timeline. But this time Google has done something new with their Android 12. They are working on a new OS called Android 12L. 12L is basically redesigned Android 12 for foldable devices and tablets. As we all know after the launch of Galaxy Folds, the foldable devices have become popular. To support the huge screen, they’ll require an improved Android OS.

What is Android 12L?

Because of the limitations in the form factor, you’ll need an emulator to access the Android 12L, which is now Android Studio. 12L is mainly focused on the larger displays so it won’t be much visible or have any huge changes in the smaller display because it is optimized for larger displays.

This mid-year Android launch made by google is mainly focused to have a good user experience for the tablet and foldable device users.

Visual redesign in Android 12L

As 12L is designed for bigger displays there are several redesigns. The clock in the lock screen of Android 12 has taken to the middle of the screen on the Android 12L for the bigger displays. 

They have also added a two-column layout where you can see the time on the left side and notifications on the right side. 

android 12l

The notification shade has also altered, and the quick settings toggle on the left and notification on the right depending on the screen size. 

In Android 12L due to target for a large device, the media player had also become large with 3 column layout for more information displayed on the screen. There is more certain visual change for the support of full screen like the home screen having a top search bar with more apps displayed in the screen. The power of the menu is also extended now having 6 toggles to play with. 

In 12L there is also a wider 2 column settings menu left for primary settings and right for more in-depth settings. The recent menu in Android 12L has changed to big tiles for the recent application you have launched. The application which is not visible has icons to show they are also in the background. 

With the increase in popularity for multi-tasking, there are several features in Android 12L like you can drag a recent app to multi-task while the app you are using is still running.

Compatibility in Android 12L

In Android 12L Google has refined the OS to work seamlessly with larger devices. And due to several screen sizes in the foldable and tablets and Chrome OS. 12L improves app compatibility without requiring developers to undertake any more effort. 

Letterboxing will be now more customizable for device manufacturers, who can now set letterbox colors or treatments or adjust the position of the inside window. 

android 12

While new APIs in 12L cover the drag and drop features for accessibility and spatial audio. All of this is a part of a new API level that goes from 31 to 32. But now developers are currently aren’t required to target it to meet places or requirements, which is a big bonus. 

12L is the new opportunity for google to address various usability complaints in the current release of Android 12. Developers today can preview large screen previews via emulators. But for the public user later, in the preview, Google will make the 12L available through the existing beta program for pixel phones. 

We may see this later this year, as Google has explained that the beta program will remain open. And the user has to opt to get the beta updates before the next cycle or it will be auto-enrolled. 

Google announces Android 12L for tablets and foldables; check new features  and details - The Financial Express

As for the stable rollout for 12L, it will be officially dropping next year in the next wave of Android foldable and tablets. Google is also working with OEMs to bring these features for their large screen devices. For now, Google has released 12L in emulators for developers to work with it. 

The immediate focus of Android 12L is for the tablets foldable and chrome OS but 12L will also be available for smartphones too.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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