Due to frequent power shortages, residents protest on the Noida-Dadri highway on 19th of July. Unusual

Locals protest on the Noida-Dadri route, disturbed by irregular power outages.

In response to the tragic death of Constable Sushil Kumar, officials from the Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) have made statements regarding the area where the incident occurred. According to Manoj Jha, the spokesperson for NPCL, the area is primarily occupied by unauthorized slum dwellers.

Jha clarified that the area is not designated for residential purposes and is considered illegal due to its proximity to the Hindon River. Following a previous order from the National Green Tribunal (NGT), no development is allowed in the area, and power connections are not provided to those residing there. NPCL is therefore adhering to the order by refraining from providing connections.

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He further explained that only a small number of individuals have been granted power connections, while the majority resort to illicitly tapping power cables. This unauthorised tapping of power cables leads to increased strain on the power lines and frequent disruptions in the power supply to the area.

Residents of Kulesara, such as Anuj, have expressed their grievances regarding the lack of access to an uninterrupted power supply in the area. They have been enduring severe outages for an extended period, which prompted them to take to the streets and protest against the power department.

The protest held by the residents caused disruptions in traffic flow on Tuesday morning. Several commuters captured videos of the demonstration, drawing the attention of the Gautam Budh Nagar police. Pawan Kumar, the Station House Officer of the Echotech police station, confirmed that the crowd was dispersed shortly after the incident was reported and traffic flow resumed. No legal action has been taken about the matter at this time.

The statements from NPCL shed light on the underlying issues present in the area where Constable Kumar tragically lost his life. The fact that the area is occupied by unauthorized slum dwellers raises concerns regarding the living conditions and safety of the residents. The illegal status of the settlement, as determined by the NGT, has resulted in a lack of basic amenities and services, including a proper power supply.

NPCL’s decision to adhere to the NGT order regarding power connections is in line with the legal framework in place. However, the unauthorised tapping of power cables by residents, due to the absence of legitimate connections, poses risks not only to the residents but also to the overall power infrastructure.

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The grievances voiced by the residents of Kulesara highlight the frustration and hardships they face due to the inadequate power supply. The absence of uninterrupted power can have far-reaching implications, affecting daily life, livelihoods, and the overall well-being of the community.

The protest held by the residents, though disruptive to traffic flow, serves as a manifestation of their desperation and frustration with the power department. It represents their collective effort to draw attention to the persistent issue and seek a resolution.

While the Gautam Budh Nagar police responded to the incident by dispersing the crowd and restoring traffic flow, no legal action has been taken as of yet. It remains to be seen whether further steps will be taken to address the concerns raised by the residents and initiate a dialogue between the authorities, NPCL, and the community to find a sustainable solution.

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The incident surrounding Constable Sushil Kumar’s death has inadvertently brought to the forefront the challenges faced by unauthorised slum dwellers in the area. It underscores the need for comprehensive urban planning, improved living conditions, and access to basic services for vulnerable communities. The lack of legitimate power connections and the subsequent reliance on illicit methods of accessing electricity highlights the urgent need for alternative solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

The incident that occurred in the area has garnered significant attention, drawing the authorities’ attention to the pervasive issues afflicting the residents. It is hoped that appropriate measures will be promptly implemented to address the concerns and challenges faced by the community. One potential course of action involves regularising the settlement and ensuring that it meets safety standards and provides access to essential services. Alternatively, the authorities could explore options for providing alternative housing that would offer improved safety and meet the necessary standards.

In essence, the statements released by NPCL (presumably referring to a local power company or organization) and the subsequent protest staged by the residents have shed light on the formidable obstacles encountered by those residing in unauthorized slums within the affected area. Particularly, the absence of proper power connections and the resulting disruptions in the power supply serve as stark reminders of the pressing need for a comprehensive approach to rectifying the living conditions and addressing safety concerns for the community at large.

To achieve meaningful change, the authorities must engage in constructive dialogue with the residents. By doing so, they can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the community and work collaboratively towards finding viable solutions. By actively involving the residents in the decision-making process, the authorities can ensure that their perspectives and needs are considered, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership among the affected individuals.

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The ultimate goal should be to enhance the quality of life for all residents in the area. This can be achieved by implementing measures that provide access to adequate housing, essential services, and improved safety standards. By undertaking these efforts, the authorities can demonstrate their commitment to addressing the pressing concerns of the community and promoting a more inclusive and equitable society.

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