Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against His Niece

Former US President Donald Trump has sued his niece and the New York Times over a report published in 2018. It was alleged that he was associated with dubious schemes related to tax.

In a New York court case, Trump alleges that his niece, Mary Trump, and newspaper reporters fraudulently tried to obtain confidential documents. It contended that 56-year-old Mary Trump had broken an agreement under which she couldn’t access documents.

In response, Mary Trump has said that this case is a sign of Trump’s “desperation.” Mary Trump said, “they’re going around, and they’re doing whatever they can to come out. Like they always do, they’ll try to change the subject.”

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Trump’s Allegations

This week, Donald Trump’s lawsuit alleges that New York Times journalists Susan Craig, David Barstow acted with his niece out of personal vendetta against him. The charge Sheet States, “some journalist” from the New York times contacted Donald Trump’s niece to obtain confidential tax records and asked her to smuggle documents from her lawyer’s office.

Responding to these allegations, reporter Craige has made a tweet in which he has written- “I knocked on Mary Trump’s door. She opened it. This is what I think is called journalism.”

Danielle Rhoades Ha, a spokeswoman for the New York Times, said the reports about Trump “helped people understand a topic that is of public interest.”

The newspaper also described the lawsuit as “an attempt to silence independent news organizations.”

The walls are closing in": Mary Trump slams uncle after Donald Trump sues  her, New York Times |

Investigative reports on Trump’s wealth

In her biography, Mary Trump described how she provided the New York Times with tax-related documents to write a 14,000-word investigative report. It was claimed in this report that “in the nineties, Trump had made a massive increase in the wealth he got from his father by allegedly falsifying the tax papers.”

The report also cited some incidents that seemed to be outright fraud cases. Mary said that a journalist had come to her house in the year 2017 and contacted her. Initially, she was hesitant to help journalists, but Mary waited a month to see “Donald flouting the rules, jeopardizing relationships and crushing the weak.”

Donald Trump Sues Niece Mary Trump and The New York Times |

Nineteen boxes of legal documents related to this alleged scam were kept with a law firm, from where Mary passed them on to journalists.

Last year, Mary Trump also filed a case of fraud and conspiracy against Donald Trump and two family members. She alleged that the then President, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and brother Robert Trump died in august last year. Mary Trump also recorded an incident of her aunt and Donald Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, in her book, in which she calls her brother a liar.

Mary Trump also recorded how Trump’s older sister and former Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry is saying that her brother has “no principles.” Trump’s sister, Maryanne, could be heard saying, ‘God save him from his rubbish tweets and lies.’

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