A Wrong Haircut Costs ITC Salon Rs. 2 Crore 

In our daily lives, we visit the salon frequently for haircuts, skincare, and more. That’s not a big deal, but what makes it a big deal is that a salon’s wrong haircut cost them Rs 2 crore recently.

According to the sources, this case was taken up after three years of the incident by the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. The woman who had complained said that she had suffered a lot due to this wrong haircut, and it was not her fault. She claimed it was the salon’s fault, which is a part of ITC Hotels Limited, and she was left with almost no hair. 


The woman visited the salon at Hotel ITC Maurya on April 12, 2018, for a haircut as she had an interview after a few days. At the salon, she asked for the hairstylist who always used to attend her. As he was not available at that time, the staff provided another hairstylist with full assurance.

The complaint stated that even after providing proper instructions to the stylist to trim the hair from the back for 4 inches, he cut it as to leaving only 4 inches from the top to her shoulder. The case does not end here. As compensation for the mistake by the stylist, the salon staff offered her free treatment. After getting that treatment done, the woman faced a severe burning sensation; her scalp became itchy and burnt. The chemical used for the treatment resulted in permanent damage to her scalp.

NCDRC: National Consumer Forum & Consumer Protection Act for home buyers

After hearing the case, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission ordered a compensation amount of Rs 2 Crore to the woman by Hotel ITC Maurya for giving her the wrong haircut and treatment by the staff in 2018. Keeping in mind that women are very careful and cautious towards their hair and spend so much money keeping them up to date, Justice RK Agrawal and Dr. SM Kantikar passed the order.

They also added that women are emotionally attached to their hair. A model filed the complaint who worked for the hair products and had done shows with VLCC and Pantene, but this one mistake by the salon resulted in losing the dream of becoming a top model, which has changed her lifestyle completely.

Tape hair extensions & other shampoo commercial hair tipsThe complaint also added that she had also been offered a movie based on her previous works but lost it due to her hair malfunction. The woman had mental breakdowns and was in trauma because of negligence by the salon staff.

The woman said that she has lost her self-confidence after that incident and lost her job as she was in the communication profession, and that required her to be present in the interactive session, which resulted in the loss of her income. She had been in trauma for the past two years. Even though she finally received compensation, her dreams have been left shattered due to the negligence of the hairstylist.

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