Calories that you will enjoy the most in Delhi

Calories that you will enjoy in Delhi

Delhi is always known for its street food, and it has a different kind of craze. Delhi that is often referred to as Dil walo ki Dilli has some most exotic streets foods, and you will forget about the calories. Here are some best street foods that you must try if you are planning to visit Delhi.

Chole Bhature


Usually, people say good morning when they wake up, but people in Delhi wake up with Chole Bhature; you can call it the wake-up food for them.

Delhi will stop working if Chole Bhature disappears from their breakfast menu, it is one of the all-time favourite street foods, and Delhi is the best place to try Chole Bhature; you can not get the taste anywhere else in the whole world.

If you want to try Chole Bhature, you can try it from places like Sita Ram located in Paharganj, Baba Nagpal at Lajpat Nagar, Chache di Hatti in Delhi University, Giani’s di Hatti in Chandani Chowk, and you can also try the chole bhature from Bikanervala at some outlets like the Dwarka, Shalimar Bagh, Rajouri Garden, and Lajpat Nagar.

On average each plate costs between Rs 70 to Rs 150 and your tummy will be filled and don’t forget to ask for the special chutney they put in the chole.

Poori Aloo

Spiciest Puri Bhaji Making | Lunchtime Rush for Aloo Puri | Indian Street  Food - YouTube

This street food seems to be very common as you might have heard this as a common breakfast at many places but, when you eat this dish in Delhi style you will forget all other things. 

The spicy Aloo curry and the crisp poori they offer make it a must-try street food and if you miss this you are going to miss a big thing. 

If you are a spicy lover, you have heaven on your plates. The best places to try Aloo Poori are Shyam Sweets at Chawri bazaar, Chaina Ram at Chandni Chowk, and also you can try this at any outlet of Haldiram’s, Bikanervala, and Evergreen.

Each plate costs between Rs 40 to Rs 80 and you will be perfectly satisfied with the food.


Best Places For Golgappa In Delhi

When we are talking about street food how can we miss Golgappe, it is known with different names at different places like Puchka in Kolkata, Pani Poori in Mumbai

Travel where ever but Golgappe’s remain the king of the street foods, and you can never control yourself from having them.

Delhi offers a very wide variety of Golgappes as people from Delhi always want something new, you will even get a different kind of flavored waters. 

You must try golgappe from UPS Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar market, Chandni Chowk, Rajouri Garden, C R Park, and if you are too hygiene conscious you can try golgappe at Sweets of Bikano and Haldiram’s. 

Cost may vary according to the place you visit and don’t forget to ask for the ‘Sukhi Papdi’, at last, and if you don’t do this you broke the rule for eating golgappe.

Daulat ki Chaat

The magical delicacy of Delhi is back in town - RailYatri Blog

This sweet dish is not known in many places and you can say it is a proper Delhi sweet dish. It is the sweet foam that gives you a very different taste made with milk.

This is the best food invention Delhi has ever done, and it provides a very unique thing to everyone, it is a blend of sweet and savory. 

The best place to try Daulat ki Chaat is none other than Chandni Chowk, it is available in different areas but, you must try from the market of Chandni Chowk and its coasts around Rs 60 per plate.

Multani Moth Kachori

Moth Kachori At Multan Moth Bhandar | LBB

You might have tasted the kachoris at many places but, when you are in Delhi, they offer you the crispy and full of spices Multani Moth Kachori. 

It is a combination of rice, onions rings, lentils and kachori, and special chutney, that enhances the taste, also do not forget to add lemon or ask for it as its savory pinch gives a new taste to the eaters, and they love having it.

You can try Multani Moth Kachori at Moth Kachori Bhandar located in Paharganj, Chandni Chowk, and Prince ki special Multani moth kachori in Uttam Nagar. These outlets will offer you the best Multani moth kachori. Each plate costs around Rs 50 and comes with two Multani moth kachoris.

Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Falooda Recipe | Kulfi Falooda recipe at home| Malai kulfi faloda|  dessert - YouTube

You might have heard about the ice candies but, that is the English version, and Kulfi Faluda is the Indian version of ice candy which is served with sweet flavored syrup, faluda, and chilled kulfi. 

It becomes a perfect combination, and it is especially for people with a sweet tooth, and you can ask for rose syrup or also kewra to add more flavor to your dessert. 

You can try kulfi faluda from Roshan di Kulfi located in Karol Bagh, Kamla Nagar market, Kaseru wall in Paharganj, Kakke di Hatti at Chandni Chowk, Sarvana Bhawan at CP. Each plate will cost between Rs 60 to Rs 100 and is a perfect dessert. 


मूली के पराठे Punjabi Mooli Ka Paratha Recipe - Miss & Mrs Joshi % %

Parathe is the most common Indian breakfast and also the most preferred one. Delhi offers a wide variety of paratha, and even you can get the most loaded paratha in Delhi.

Paratha is served with a cube of white butter and stuffing you choose accordingly, you must try for the pizza paratha and the egg paratha as you will not find it commonly. Parathas have the covering of butter and are served with chutney, salad, and other curries. 

You must try parathas from the paratha Wali Gali, Kakke di Hatti in Fatehpuri, Moolchand ke Parathe, Om Sweets. The cost may vary according to the places but on average it costs around Rs 150 to Rs 200 and sometimes it is sufficient for two people.


Masala Paneer Kathi Rolls Recipe - Maneet Chauhan | Food & Wine

Rolls or you can call it a perfect go-to snack just like Mac Donald’s. You can find a huge variety of rolls both in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. 

You will always be ready to have one if you taste it once, they are so appetizing and made with some special Delhi masala, and it will be better if you choose chili sauce dip with rolls instead of regular tomato ketchup.

You must try rolls from some local chains like Taste drive in Rajouri garden, On Rolls at defense colony, Kamlanagar market, Nizam’s in CP, and Khan market.

The cost can be around Rs 100 to Rs 150 depending on the stuffing and vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Bishan Swaroop Chaat

Best Street Food In Delhi 2022: Top 32 Delights From The Streets

You might have heard about the fruit salad but, have you ever heard about the chaat that is made with fruits, which means health and taste both at one place.

Delhi offers a chaat named Bishan Swaroop Chaat that is made with different kinds of fruits which are used as the base and chana is used as the topping which makes it healthy and gives a unique taste with some chutneys.

If you want a beverage try this chaat with a glass of chilled and fresh lemon soda. You will only get this chaat in the very famous Chandni Chowk and will cost around Rs 100. 


5 Momo Joints in Delhi, Every Momo-Lover Should Visit!

Momo has now become a kind of synonym for street food. Dolma aunty brought the momo to Delhi, and then the craze we can still watch it.

Delhi soon started experimenting with the momos and originated many new types of momos, like gravy momos, tandoori momos, momo burgers, and many more. 

You can find the best momos in Delhi, with the spicy dip, also known as the momos chutney. You must try momos from Dolma aunty, Kamla Nagar Bungalow road, or Hudson lane

One plate of momos will cost around Rs 40 to Rs 100 depending on the variety of momos you choose and also veg and non-veg options.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka Recipe | How to make Paneer tikka without tandoor | Paneer  tikka on Tawa

Delhi is very famous for the experiments they do with the foods and that creates the magic. The place offers a huge variety of tandoori items that you must try and one of them is Paneer Tikka.

The marinated and grilled paneer will melt in your mouth and make you go crazy.

You must try Paneer Tikka at Rajinder da Dhaba, Khan Chacha, and Safdarjung Enclave. It might cost you between Rs 150 to Rs 300.

Lacha tokari

5 Chaat Places in Lucknow that ensure top-notch flavour & safety! -  Knocksense

This tokri is full of flavors, with every bite you will get a bunch of different flavors, and that makes it stand out of the box. 

This is the modified version of chaat or sev puri you can say as it comes with a crisp basket used as tokri, and it is filled with different fillings like chana, potato mash, Tikki, and some special chutneys.

You can try the Lacha Tokri at Karol Bagh, Roshan di Kulfi, Shree Bhagatram, and also in Vasant Kunj. A plate of Lacha tokri will cost between Rs 50 to Rs 100, and make sure you have the tokri when it’s crispy.

Chole Kulche

6 Best Places For Chole Kulche In Delhi | So Delhi

The only thing that can beat chole bhature is chole kulche, it is one of the dishes which is an all-time food option and it is very famous among the locals in Delhi. 

The thick chole gravy they offer with the sizzling kulchas makes your day better and keeps your stomach and heart happy. 

You can try chole kulche at Lotan in Chawri Bazar, Karol Bagh, Haldiram’s, Om sweets, and Yadav’s chole kulche at Saket.

It will cost you between Rs 40 to Rs 100 per plate and, do not forget to ask for extra onions to make your chole more crispy.

Ram Ladoo

Moong Dal Ke Ram Laddu - Delhi Wale Ram Ladoo Recipe

This street food you will only get to eat in Delhi. It is being prepared with dal, and it is worth the calories as they are super tasty and is a very famous snack among the locals. 

This street food covered its journey from Kanpur but now is making its identity from Delhi. 

You must try this Ram Ladoo with the crispy and fried chili they and some locations that you must check out our Janak Puri, Tilak Nagar, South Ex-I, UPSC Bhawan, Evergreen, Green Park, and Central Market. Each plate costs around Rs 40 to Rs 50 and is sufficient for one person.

Rabri Faluda

6 Best Places To Savour Falooda In Delhi & Kiss The Heat Goodbye

This is a perfect drink or sweet dish that Delhi offers. It is not too sweet, and you will never be fulfilled by having this.
It is served will dry fruit and some flavoured syrups with caramelized milk called Rabri. You must try Rabri Faluda at Giani’s di Hatti located in Chandni Chowk for the best taste, and you can find some more places in Delhi like at Om Sweets, Haldiram’s and Kaleva. It costs around Rs 50 to Rs 100 depending on the outlet you choose.
So here are some of the famous street foods that you must try while you visit Delhi and you will enjoy being there and it is live heaven for foodies.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma


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