Eternals Movie Review: This 26th MCU Film Is Inclusive And Majestic

The Oscar-winning director named Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) is creating a timeless, cool film for the Eternals, the 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). When the opening is 5000 BC, the film shows ten superhuman creatures, the Eternals, sent by Celestial Arishem to Earth to fight the rebellious beasts.

In the 15th century, when the settlers appeared to have been killed, the Eternals split as they waited to return to their homeland, Olympia.


  • Eternals movie cast: Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Lia McHugh, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Ma Dong-seok, Barry Keoghan, Harish Patel
  • Eternals movie director: Chloe Zhao
  • Eternals movie rating: 3.5 stars

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The term “auteur” is used to refer to both independent filmmakers who show their origins under conditions of artistic freedom and to filmmakers who assert their diversity within the boundaries of the studio system.

Chloé Zhao, director of “Nomadland,” has always been the first type of auteur, and with “Eternals,” opening today, he takes his place in the middle of the second. Such a change can be fascinating. Ryan Coogler’s artistic hand was incredibly powerful in “Black Panther,” as was Peyton Reed’s in “Ant-Man “‘s first.

But direct personality – and, even more so, real – is often hard to find in a solidly produced, tightly connected Marvel domain. Zhao said he was actively seeking the opportunity to direct the film Marvel.

He has also been one of the four authors of the documentary “Eternals”, and it shows: far from being a non-fiction film, it combines his own understanding with the franchise’s, though beneficial both.


The problem is thought out from the beginning, with the detailed clarity of the text setting out the history of the Eternals. They are introduced as a group of superheroes whose main purpose is to save the human race from the beasts called Deviants. In this work, the Eternal is under the holy kingdom of a group called the Celestials and its head, Arishem, and under the literal leadership of the Eternal One, Ajak (played by Salma Hayek). 


The question of ownership and purpose, set forth in the opening text, will eventually become the core of the “Eternals” and will provide for its few conflicts. Ironically, however, the extensive land construction needed for the project does not seem to be a hindrance to Zhao, as he is an explanatory director.

Whether in “Nomadland” or “The Rider,” he often looks at the interaction of his characters but does so with a keen sense of purpose: he rarely stops long enough to hear his characters, lest he risk explicitly disturbing him. accounting frameworks. Zhao’s silent action taken in the past and the turbulent action found in the Marvel movie are strikingly similar.

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True to their name, the Eternals have always been something that seems to be eternal. They first appeared to be working in 5000 B.C., in Mesopotamia, where some Eternals living in an unknown area among the locals and others flying down from a marble rock in the sky to protect the Deviants. (Some Deviants are like dinosaurs, some are like wild animals, and some are like giants, and they are all made of long strands of bio-stuff instead of strong bodies.)

In Mesopotamia, two Eternals, Series (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden ), they met well on the beach, introduced themselves to each other but had nothing more to say. Something already sounds wrong, and not just because of the ingrained absurdity of the action and the interaction. (Wars, which include gold glitter and gold laser beams, are a common visual gobble depicting almost every battlefield of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.) 


The “Eternals” flew to modern-day London, where Sersi, now a member of the military. a scientist, contradicts the loving pleas of a close friend and colleague named Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), and cites mysterious past relationships as a reason.

No spoiler: compatible with Ikaris. Serie’s hidden identity as the Eternal (and his young roommate, Sprite, played by Lia McHugh) emerges briefly when the city is attacked by a new band of Deviants, appearing for the first time in centuries.

(Hint: due to global warming.) Ikaris flies down (similar to Superman but without a cap) to take part in the war, and Seris decides to unite the Eternals — all living scattered throughout the world, in hiding. of humans — to curb this new global threat.

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The Eternal have always been among human beings, but their role is only to protect mankind from the Deviants — they are not allowed to use their superpowers to interfere in human affairs.

The Eternal are eternal in their identity and appearance, and — they never grow old (for example, Sprite, an infinite youth) and as a result do not die, they are in danger of being killed by the invading Deviant.

Yet since their close proximity to humans, over the course of a thousand years, they have developed a warm attachment to species (even if that little suggest their attachment, in the past, to each individual). This tempts some of them to disobey orders and become independent intercessors. 

One in particular, Druig (Barry Keoghan), wants to protect the people of Tenochtitlan from the Spanish conquistadores in 1521, and says, “It’s a genocide!” Druig is right, but his use of the name — coined in 1942, historian Raphaël Lemkin — suggests one of the most unusual of “Eternals” above all else.

The film’s narrative goes back and forth over time, but the Eternals themselves don’t seem to have the ability to pass the time or know everything that might go along with it. Instead, their knowledge seems to be advancing in line with their experiences over time — and, despite all their wealth of worldly experience, they come together as empty bombs (actually, very little) that they can say than just an ordinary person on the street. Throughout their endurance and navigation, the Eternals seem to have learned little.

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